Privacy Policy

In accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine Ltd. VUU-PRINT. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) understands the importance of ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of Personal Data of Individuals, therefore concludes this Privacy Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") with you (hereinafter referred to as the "Customer") to determine the procedure for the receipt, storage, processing, use of the Customer's Personal Data when using the Customer the Internet site (hereinafter "the Site").


This agreement is concluded between Vau-PRINT LLC and regulates the legal relations that arise between the Company and the Customer at the time of registration of the order of the goods, which is placed on the site


In order to make an order, the Customer is obliged to express his consent to the terms of this Agreement. The customer has no right to execute the order if he does not agree to the terms of this Agreement.


1. Subject of the transaction


1.1. This Agreement defines the procedure for the receipt, storage, processing, use and disclosure of Personal and other data provided by the Customer when using the Site and the Company's Services.


2. Information sources


2.1. The information in this agreement may be personified, which is directly related to a particular person or is associated with a specific person or non-personified (the data received without reference to a particular person).

2.2. The company has information available in the following way:


  - by correspondence of the Company's Administration with the Customer by e-mail;

  - information provided by the Customer at registration on the site, within the limits of orders, by entering into the registration online forms.


2.3. Confidential in this agreement may be only information that is stored in the site database and is only available for viewing by the Authorized Representative of the Company.


3. Subject of the transaction


3.1. This Agreement determines the order of receiving, storing, processing, use and disclosure of Personal and other data provided by the Customer upon registration of an order on the Site.

4. Security


4.1. The company uses modern technologies for ensuring the confidentiality of personal data obtained from the registration form left by the Customers in order to provide maximum information security.

4.2. The company undertakes to independently secure the authorized data, and not disclose it to third parties. Any changes to personal information made using authorized data will be taken into account by the user in person.

5. Use of information


5.1. The Company has the right to use the information received as a result of filling in the order form by the Customer for internal purposes without obtaining any approval from the Customer and without payment of remuneration for such use.

5.2. The company may use personal data to send technical and administrative messages and news.


6. Disclosure of information


6.1. The information collected during the visit by the Customer of the site, is not subject to disclosure to third parties, except as provided in this article.

6.2. Information may only be disclosed to a limited number of persons, except in cases stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine.


7. Final provisions


7.1. By filling in the registration form of the order, the Customer automatically accepts the terms of the Privacy Agreement.

7.2. The Company's activities are carried out in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. Any claims, disputes, official appeals of the Customer will be considered exclusively in the manner prescribed by the legislation of Ukraine.

7.3. The terms of this Agreement may be amended unilaterally by the Company, and come into force upon their publication on the site